What Makes Life Station an Exceptional Medical Alert System
Accidents and medical emergencies are inevitable, particularly among elders. Because of their weaker physicality, they are more vulnerable to accidents, such as falling from the stairs, slipping on bathroom floors, or tripping at a dimly lighted room. Moreover, elders who live alone are burglar's perfect target because of their age and physical condition, as mentioned earlier. 
Then, as an elder, how can you protect yourself from these hazards?  Experts believe that heightening your home surveillance and investing a medical alert system like LifeStation, are few of many reliable options.  
What is LifeStation? 
This medical alert system is an amazing companion, especially to solo living elders. This technology promotes better protection and security to elders. It is a health tool that immediately connects the user to a medical team once the button is pushed.  The LifeStation has both an in-home system and a mobile device. The in-home LifeStation is installed at households. In fact, using in-home LifeStation is one of the most recommended home security tips for elders because of its efficiency and convenience. Now, to give you more information about this device here is a rundown of its features. 
1. Has a wonderful aesthetic; Features a matte black finish for easy dust wiping. 
2. The box and the device are very noticeable which is a good thing for elders with poor eyesight. 
3. Features a two-way communication with a clear voice and fast speed. 
4. Has a 32-hour backup battery in lieu of power. 
5. Has waterproof buttons and automatic fall detection (optional). 
The in-home LifeStation is available for $29.95 per month which is fairly affordable compared to installing home security systems. 
On the other hand, mobile LifeStation is an excellent option if you like to go out on your own. This device is portable and not too bulky. You can even wear it as a necklace or place it in your pockets. If you are seeking an excellent security and on the go medical help, this health tool is what you need. 
Here are some of the most important facets of mobile LifeStation to know. 
1. Features a sleek all-black design. 
2. Features a Global Positioning System (GPS). 
3. Has a battery life of five days. 
4. Clear audio.
5. Has optional automatic fall detection but has to pay additional $7 for your monthly payment. 
Choosing a LifeStation medical alert system is a good investment. However, you have to remain careful on which medical alert is suitable for your living circumstances and medical condition. Thus, to avoid wrong purchasing decisions, always consult review sites like Medical Alert Buyers Guide. 
The Medical Alert Buyers Guide is one of the reliable sites reviewing LifeSation. Aside from this, they render detailed buying guidelines for elders and various individuals seeking for a high-quality medical alert system. If you want to be updated on the latest news and releases of LifeStation, ask Medical Alert Buyers Guide. 

  Are you interested to get to know more of LifeStation? If you are, you can check this out at Medical Alert Buyers Guide.